Tuesday, March 27, 2012


       The first inspiration gleams like a tantalizing flow, carrying me off for a moment. There is a powerful current, but I have to jump in it to be swept away to a new story beginning. 
      Second, I add some machinery. There must be structure to hold up the idea. This too has power, for this skeleton gives the inspiration it's life. A colorful name I've always secretly liked deserves to have an entire story devoted to a character capable of living up to that name. And so I add description, coloring in the character's personality traits or occupations. 
       Now I'm standing full in the stream, proud and ready to declare myself. And yet here the third step. Will I jot this down? Commit to this marvelous story as more than an idea? The life of my new idea may be very brief now. Or it may have a power of it's own that delights and implores me to discover the vivid inner workings. 
       If all these elements are yes, then I can begin the journey. Step four, I can now create, and enjoy what the pounding keyboard tells me about itself, caught up, as I hope the reader will one day be,  in my new story.

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  1. This explanation of storytelling is a story in itself. I was caught up already!